1987 The idea to build a boat I have sinc a long time. My parents say I have paint picturs as an small boy mostly with boats and ferrys.

1993 At this time I have start to look for boats and small yachts. It difficult because my parents have no intrest at water(sports). I have think if I buy a small boat afer I finish school and learn my job.

1994 After we have gratuatid at school, we were going for a sail trip to the Ijsselsee in Neatherland. There I have seen that I like to have a bigger boat or a small yacht were I can live on. So I have look arount witch type I like and witch I can pai fore. After I have seen the price for a finish boat in the sice I like I have seen that I can´t pai it. And I have get a lot of new ideas wath I like to have at my boat. ( but this wasn´t good to get it cheaper ) I have think about a boat witch is goot for trips far from land and I don´t like to get it out of the water ecery winter to paint it. So the site and the matireal of the boat was clear. It must be a aluminium sailing yacht, 10 to 12m ( 30 to 36 feed ) how can sail over all oacens.

1995 After this was clear I have found a book cald "Wie baue ich meine Yacht ? " ( How I build my yacht ? ) from Kurt Reinke in a libary.

1997 After I have learn my job, I have buy the plan to build a Reinke Super 11. Now I have learn a little bit mony more and so I have buy a wilding machin and have started to learn wealding. It was not so easy but after some time I and some other have think it is good inought to start withe the freams for the hull.

1998 I have start to work in the north of Germany for 1 year. In this time I like to build the hull there ( next to the water ) But this hasn´t work. I wasn´t good inougth in welding the aluminium. I have stop it before I have realy started.

1999 I have write to some companis how build hulls and have found one how build one for my in the next 2 years.

2001 at September I have get the hull and than I have start to bild my swimming home with some smaller and bigger breaks. ( That`s now done )